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Margret Löbner 24/01/2015
I have your adress from my neview, Johannes Löbner who spent some time in your pension. I will come to Cirali with my sister from march 30th until april the 13th and I am looking for a place to sleep. Do you have any free rooms ? I am lucky to hear from you, your sincerely, Margret
Schuyler Robertson 06/12/2014
Merhaba, My Tatlim and I are traveling through Antalya from December 29th - January 3rd. Is your hotel and restaurant open during the winter months. how much is it to stay a night during this time? thank you for your help. Barış! Schuyler
Leif parsons 31/08/2014
Hi i was wondering if you had a double room available for the nights of sept 3 and 4th? Please let me know when you have a moment Thanks in advance Best Leif
Gilda Donadio 18/08/2014
Hello, Can you give me the price for two nights in 19 and 20 august ?I need a room fot two persons Gilda Donadio
Terry MacKinnell 14/07/2014
Any room availble for two nights starting July 15 to 17th? If yes, how much?
Rebecca Sears 04/05/2014
Greetings, Your pension looks beautiful! I am very interested in reserving one of the two bungalows for 7 nights (arrive May 20, depart May 27) for one person only. 1. Do you have a bungalow available? 2. What is the cost for 7 nights? Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Best, Rebecca 001 917 843 3613
Kenneth D. Reimer 07/04/2014
Dear Sima Peace Pension: Several years ago, my wife and I stayed at your pension while we were doing an extensive exploration of Turkey. We really appreciated your hospitality, and we loved your place. It has taken me a little while get this done, but I have finally posted an account of our stay with you and of our trip to the Chimaera. If you are interested, go to my writer\'s page on facebook at: I hope you enjoy it. Sincerely,Kenneth D. Reimer
Brigitta 17/09/2013
Merhaba, we (my son (19) and I) would like to stay in Sima Pension from 26 of September until 3 of October. Please, can you let let us know if any room is available and the rates as well? Thank you very much! Brigitta and Jan
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