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Yanartaş, Çıralı Burning River valley in the south of the slope, in serpantinitler burning natural gas in three separate lokalite'de out the name of the local people. Gas output is 2 Yanartaş been visited by most lokalitelerinden is shown. Here, the seasonal flow of the Burning River valley, west side, the slope of the sea level 165 m. Starting from a height of 180 m. The point up to 80 meters long rising on the slant in the next four different levels of gas output are available.

Yanartaş Legend
Argos'ta connected to Greece, a divine beauty Bellerophontes has lived a lad. Flying like to have at the mountain slope Pegasos'a Checkers, but the days have run after Pegasos'un not succeed. How the gods have assigned someday flying in a dream may have announced. He asked God in the way of the water inside at a time with one's ancestors has become the gold curb. However, someone accidentally kills Bellerophontes someday. Therefore leaving Argos'tan and will seek refuge in the palace of Tiryns king Proitos'un. The Queen is in love with this handsome young before. Want to make love to her. But the house owner Bellerophontes guest does not want to disrespect the queen's desire to turn back. Lied to her husband as the young queen of the force itself into the bosom of him by claiming he wanted to want to take revenge. Wanted to kill the guest of the King will not get angry and kill him for the kayınbabası with the Lykia will send a letter to the king. Lykia'ya Bellerophontes reach. Against the king and nine days near the river Xanthos him to guests. The groom received a letter from the ninth day and time should be killed. However, it can kill and want to kill Khimaira'nın. So was thinking to get rid of him. Behind the front of the lion Khimaira snakes, middle and mouth aflame with goat hair is a strange creature. Of the gods and winged horse Pegasos Bellerophontes request goes through Khimaira'yı ground. King, Bellerophonhes'e more difficult work that has been given the rights of all came from. On top of that came from the king believes that the descendants of the gods give him many gifts, and her daughter will marry. Poseidon Bellerophontes comes from soy. Three children from this marriage happens, this girl Laodameia, Zeus and Sarpedon was born without sex and the sex. Sarpedon, the Lycian king is growing. Troy will join the fight. I came in from far away came to help Anaforlu Xanthos'tan remote Lykia'dan ..... In the rest of the war out and after many heroic fighters with weapons Akhilleus'un by Patroklos is killed. Give expire when the task is killed by the Glaukos'a transferred. Apollo to Zeus, son of the dead in order to take Lykia'ya. Thus underground creatures born from Typhon and Ekhidna'nın merger Khimaira today called Çıralı and Yanartaş the Olympos'tan have lived in the mountains. Killed by the flying horse Pegasos'a bin Belerophontes'in expire Khimaira even while out of your mouth is aflame. Today, natural gas from out of the rock legend with this is joined to side.
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