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"At the same time and enjoy the sea and the snow"

Turkey has the potential to tourism by adding a new tourism has become an opportunity further zenginleştiren: Europe `s most Cable is long, the Mediterranean and the 2365 meter high summit of Mount combines Tahtali. Snow covered peaks of the imposing mountains and tourism growing in popularity as Kemer, Antalya is located in the area.

Snow, like a hat Tahtali adeta's summit in April to cover and create a magnificent view. Region as a year round temperate climate and warm weather, crystal-clear blue sea, and at the same time over 2000m mountain air with a nearly ideal all year round tourism is favorable position.

Eleven months Arbitrary Sea
Especially in the Antalya region in southern Turkey to the sun and culture buffs longing for the rest there is a holiday. And purified with sparkling Mediterranean coast into the sea for 11 months is given. And every kind of comfort, starting from the appropriate conditions allowing the accommodation to see all businesses in the Turkish hospitality and to enjoy a memorable vacation opportunities offered. The world's most beautiful national park with one of the top rope to Tahtali moments to be memorable visit.

Four months of winter sports
New completed project in the strict sense Tahtali telpher can be described as an engineering wonder. 4350 m long and 80-person cabin lift in the floor is approximately 10 minutes in the 1639 height. In this way, as well as to enter into the sea at the same time to also enjoy winter sports during the 4 months is possible to have.
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