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Howing all the beauty of the Mediterranean coastal road from the newly opened 35 km away from Antalya Phaselis plate is determined by a forest road in the village of Tekirova Phaselis takes us. Beldibi Cave near the show's Prehistoric settlement, but the foundation of the city of Phaselis on the coast of BC VII. century does not go up. Formed with three ports, the location and proximity to the forest zone because of the rich colony was established as people B.C 690'da Rhodes. BC VII. and VI. provide a living for centuries from the sea and Phaselis, after the Persians created their judges to Anatolia, then in the hands of Alexander Alexander's history is also to defeat the Persians. Alexander opened the doors to Phaselisliler However, we have guests in town. Many of the ambassadors of the city where Alexander has accepted the Pamphlia coastal population of the city as one Gordion'a is gone.

The city of Alexander's death, BC Remained in Egypt until Ptolemaiosların hand 309'dan 197'ye, and other Lycian cities such as Peace Apameia Rhodes has been granted to the Kingdom, BC 160 years of sovereignty until the people 190'dan Rhodes remains. BC After 160 years under the domination of Rome, entered the Lycian Union. BC Phaselis I. century with Olympos have been under constant attack by hackers, a period Zenekites'in remaining in the hands of city, has survived the Romans to defeat the pirates. BC In 42, Brutus, the city was connected to Rome. Phaselis is in the Byzantine Era, eparchy Center olmuştur. Port because of favorable M.Ş. III. The city again suffered centuries of attack by pirates, has-been then later with the Arab invasion, and MS has poor iyice XI. unable to continue in the coming century is no longer hayatiyet. Selçuklu because of the promotion of Alanya and Antalya port to completely lose significance was extinguished. The need for water wells and cisterns in Phaselis early break anywhere in the Roman Age, as seen from remote locations with aqueducts (Aquadükt) meets the needs of the water have brought water to the city. From a source to the north of the city with aqueducts bringing water to the hill behind Hadrian had Agora, and künk here have dealt with channels in the city. City ruins military base south of the port connecting the main ports are located on both sides of the street. 125 m in length of 20-25 m in width on both sides of the main street, sidewalk are out in three steps. Once you've created a place in the street south of the middle reaches port. Properly at the bottom of this street is paved with sewage and drainage systems are available.
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