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Kemer, on the Mediterranean coast, 40 kilometers away from Antalya which is a town. On the slopes and 52 kilometers west of the Taurus Mountains along the coast of Kemer, Turkey is one of the most important tourism center. Today in the location of Kemer, 1910'lu years old and known by the name of the village as a result of floods from the mountains of lakes and swamps where there was a settlement. Old village people, to protect themselves from the flood, 23 miles long on the slopes of the mountains were a stone mason. Later, because of this wall will also belt villages. Not until 1960 for road, sea transportation is provided only Kemer, applied after the 1980 South Antalya Tourism Project for the road and other infrastructure to meet rapidly developed and now Turkey's most popular tourism centers, has become one. Beams with Kemer, Tekirova, Çayova, Aslanbucak, Kuzdere, Beycik, Çamyuva, Göynük, Beldibi, such as location of Çıralı, antalya tourism has an important place in the last degree. One of the foremost attraction of Kemer is its natural beauty. Sea, forest and mountains are joining at some point. Clarity of the sea, forest greens, sea waves, to the pine trees pine trees uzanmasıve be used as a canopy for the beach is very attractive. Starting up the entire neighborhood of Beldibi Tekirova beach coast is completely natural. Many coastal bays and small natural harbors prominent entrant will be found. Beaches in Kemer Municipality beach, marina, located next to Plajı'dır Moonlight. The ancient city is still standing, and national parks in places like Phaselis beach is easily possible to enter into the sea. Accommodation facilities charge you money to take advantage of the pool and the beach is possible. With the belt in the ancient city of Olympos and Phaselis is possible to achieve. In recent years the Söğüt Friday, Altınkaya, Dereköy safari tours in high places is quite interesting. The caves in the region are also other attractiveness. These caves: Beldibi cave 27 km south west of Antalya is the sea coast.
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