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The city of Antalya, the Mediterranean coast in the Gulf with its own name, 39 m. from the sea height is based on the rocks. 3086 m. with heights of the coast until reaching the size between the Taurus Mountains on the plains, Antalya and its environs are the first striking image. Land and sea, the beaches with miles or the steep cliffs, and meet each other. Between the Taurus Mountains in its own half, cutting the gap, especially near coastal caves in this area adds a feature.

Many from the south Toros'ların large and small rivers, the plains and drain into the Mediterranean reaches fertility. All this is clear and clean water, poured into the sea, and where they are passed to his wife is beautiful waterfalls, is rare. Antalya is rich in natural vegetation. Every kind of tropical plant can be found along the coast. Device dimensions reach their first of the cactus species to Antalya attracts attention immediately. Came away from the coast to the foothills is Toros'ların is specific to the Mediterranean countries are seeing the dominance of vegetation maki. Each type of oak and pine trees to create a healthy and dense forests makin tracks. Plains regions, the fields of cotton and sesame, orange, lemon and banana garden creates a beauty of their own.

Spring, summer, autumn and winter, such as the calendar is available in only 4 seasons in Antalya. Because the winter season does not happen here. Thus, in February 1985 is a 60 year full of the snow and rain, the news has become an event in nature. Summer months are hot and dry passes. Rainy and warm climate is dominant in other months. Annual average temperature 18.7 ° C.. 309.5 days per year average rainfall is not. ° C below zero when the temperature drops are rare. Last 40 years of observation is the highest temperature was 44.6 ° C. Average humidity is 64% Nisbi in Antalya average sea water temperature, 17.6 ° C in January, in April 18.0 ° C, August 27.7 ° C and 24.5 ° C. in October.
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