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Sara 30/07/2013
Aynur anne, Miss you.. I am so sorry Efe died. My Monster (whose picture in the snow is somewhere among the pictures on your tables) has died too. Anne, I miss you
Robin fagerazzi 08/07/2013
Sorry for my english. We wont hawe same information about yours available and prices for rooms for 3 or 4 night, we arrive tomorrow evening. We are 2 adults and 1 cild of 1 year old
Robin 08/07/2013
Sorry for my english. We wont hawe same information about yours available and prices for rooms for 3 or 4 night, we arrive tomorrow evening. We are 2 adults and 1 cild of 1 year old
denise mcgloin 21/04/2013
Hi Can you advise if you have a room available for 2 adults for 24 April?
Fatma Karaba 18/03/2013
ok g羹zel ve emek harcanm覺 bir web sitesi. Emei ge癟enlerin eline sal覺k. -- Fatma Karaba
Fatma Bet羹l enel 16/08/2012
Merhaba Aynur abla bence sima peace 癟ok elenceli bir yer sadece mekan olarak deil sakinleriylede g羹zel bir yer. Tekrar gelmek isterim.Tekrar g繹r羹mek 羹zere!
Anja stroehlein 29/07/2012
Hello, do you have a wooden Bungalow incl breakfast, Lunch and Dinner from 27.08. - 6.9.? Wie are 2adults and a 4year Old Boy. If so, what would it cost? Tanks and Kind regards, Anja
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